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Cookie-Less Tracking With ITP & GDPR
Concerned about how cookie-less tracking can affect your digital marketing campaigns? Read more around surviving ITP & GDPR in a cookie-less world, from Maria.
11 min. read
Indago Consecutively Secures Google Partners Honours Award
Indago Digital wins another Google Partners Honours. We are proud to receive the Q3 Search Excellence agency award in our successful innovative search campaigns.
1 min. read
Google Data Studio: Get Search Query Performance Data
The Search Console connector for Google Data Studio poses a work around that not only provides you more than traditional page level query data like clicks & CTR.
3 min. read
Big Data: Google Partner Summit 2018 Insights
In digital we have access to reams of data & with Google’s Dataset Search entering beta & ABS datasets becoming more accessible we can now access 3rd party data.
6 min. read
Google Performance Honours
We are proud to announce Head of Performance & Analytics Preet Singh won the Q2 Google Rockstar award, judged by Google & given for Google automation techniques.
2 min. read
How To Use Attribution Modelling In Google Analytics
Which channels drive revenue? Which spark interest towards your product? Which influence decisions, close sales? This is the basic Attribution Modelling premise.
8 min. read
How to Upload CRM Data into Google Analytics Without GA 360
When Google unveiled a Salesforce integration plan in November 2017, it was met with excitement as uploading CRM data into Google Analytics isn’t taken lightly.
7 min. read
Conversion Rate Optimisation and AB Testing: What are They?
Long gone are the days when conversion rate optimisation was pushed to the side at digital marketing budget meetings. CRO is now among those growing disciplines.
9 min. read
Data Management and Cleansing For Your Data Diarrhoea!
Who wants to talk Big Data? It’s been overused and lost meaning. You’ll be able to use these techniques on many other data sets and achieve the same outcomes.
8 min. read

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