SEO Case Study

Travelex | SEO

The Challenge

Travelex is a leading global currency exchange service.

They face increasing pressure from both the economy and financial institutions that are seeking to keep their customers spending on their credit cards overseas – instead of acquiring cash or a travel money card when travelling.

The challenge with Travelex is minimising the declining strength of the Aussie dollar and take advantage of those monitoring exchange rates. Furthermore, we considered the client’s enterprise and process restrictions for determining short-term possibilities.

Due to a lack of implementation control from the client’s local office – striking a balance between ideal and realistic outcomes was crucial to this strategy.

The Methodology

We conducted our keyword research and competitor analysis and found a content gap opportunity. We also looked at potential cannibalisations and effects for existing rankings.

Based on this gap, we proposed a series of changes of technical and content which included:

  • URL restructuring and reducing the URL depth level by 1 from /rates/currency-pairs/* to /rates/*
  • Optimising the meta data.
  • Writing new iterations and changing current content.
  • Optimising the heading keyword targets.

Working with Travelex’ digital marketing team and their development team in global headquarter, we were able to quickly make these pages live from the period of July and August 2018.

The Results

We saw near immediate results after our SEO suggestions were implemented with year on year results:

  • 57% increase in site-wide organic traffic
  • 43% increase in site-wide organic visibility 

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