SEO Case Study

AAT Kings | SEO

The AAT Kings Challenge

AAT Kings had multiple versions of the same site in addition to 50+ separate domains that caused duplicate content and ranking issues.

The search engines were confused as to what site and or content had to be served and the consumers were also confused.

This issue also made tracking and reporting impossible.

The Methodology

It was agreed that all sites would be consolidated  into one domain and version of the site. This would consolidate the authority of all the various ranking pages and stop the search engines being confused.

An effective keyword research and 301 migration strategy was required. To start with every page across all the sites were mapped and valued; SEO juice, rankings, links, sessions and conversions.

The 301 redirects were mapped and tested in a virtual environment before the site was put live.

The Results

Total organic search sessions increased by a whopping 113% YoY. In the last month of the comparison period the organic increase in sessions was 240%.

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