PPC Case Study

National Training | PPC

The Challenge

National Training is an Australian leader in multi-industrial diploma and certification training provision.

Initially, our optimisation strategy was based on maximising the ultimate conversion type for customer enrolments from the client’s website.

The strategy was based on budget adjustments for the best performing campaigns. Additionally, the conversion optimisation strategy was aimed at improving ad-quality score through increased ad relevancy – as well as improving the ad and ad extension copy.

Furthermore, the strategy incorporated adjusting bids as per best performing devices, audience types and time-of-day – all while considering our target CPA.

Although our strategy had already rewarded the client with a 20% YoY (Year-Over-Year) revenue increase after we optimised this conversion path – we strived to search for additional avenues of growth.

The Methodology

We conducted research towards discovering alternative funnels that were generating an influx of potential customers, in the form of enrolments.

We quickly deduced we needed to scout for other conversion points that were although also originating from paid search – weren’t currently attributed and therefore not optimised.

While these conversions generated enrolments and an ultimately resultant revenue – we enabled tracking soft conversion types, such as requests for course brochures.

This specific softer conversion path wasn’t previously accounted for in the site’s user conversions that were generating enrolments. However, site audiences that take a liking to National Training courses, may alternatively elect to download the brochure prior enrolling over a phone-call or email – as compared to the traditional online enrolment route.

These conversions were previously not attributed to paid search campaigns.

The Results

While we couldn’t attribute all e-mail and over-the-phone enrollments to our SEM campaigns, we nonetheless facilitated conversion entry-points like ‘brochure downloads’ and similar funnels.

By adding ‘brochure requests’ to our optimisation strategy, National Training experienced:

  • 29% increase in Revenue Growth
  • 35% increase in ROI

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