PPC Case Study

AAT Kings | PPC

The AAT Kings Challenge

AAT Kings is a complex account serving two countries; AU & NZ – with various tour types; one-day, multi-day and multi-week trips.

The account we were taking over was huge and extremely complex. As well as containing millions of keyword and thousands of creatives, it was using a complex set of audiences to increase its overall effectiveness.

To compound this issue, we were expected to make immediate improvements as the client was moving into a key seasonal period and the campaign was currently being run by a well-respected Google Premier agency.

The Methodology

The first thing was to strip back the campaign and remove keywords that were not driving impressions, clicks or conversions. The remaining keywords were then placed in a campaign structure which made better sense and based on AAT Kings’ current tour offerings.

A better naming convention was implemented to enable more granular reporting and optimisation.

New creatives were then written to take advantage of Google’s new ad-formats and become better aligned to this new structure.

One of the key aspects the old campaign lacked was ‘match-stacking.’ Hence that was also implemented to ensure Google would serve the most relevant and cost-effective match-type.

The Results

The campaign results were instantaneous and effective towards all key ROI metrics. Results were deemed more impressive as the budgets were concurrently, greatly increased.

In only three months of taking over the AAT Kings campaign – the client experienced:

  • 38% increase in conversion rates
  • 20% decrease in Cost Per Sale
  • 217% increase in sales

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