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Indago Team Goes Against The Tides on Rafting Day

Don’t be mistaken – the view of the empty river displayed above nowhere justifies the reality of what the Indago team would later endure!

The Calm Before the Storm

What an exhilarating day!

My first quarterly social at Indago Digital was indeed a blast. And only two weeks in – I was put straight into the deep end (literally), as we went white-water rafting at the Penrith situated, ex-Olympic stadium.

A slightly cold, breezy day didn’t dampen the spirits either. Although, our comfort-zone thresholds were certainly tested with the amount of times the tides consumed us. White-water rafting certainly didn’t keep us drowsy, that’s for sure!

Safety Briefing – in the name of safety.

Before being split into teams, we listened intently to the safety instructions of our respective instructors. At this moment – the impending dangers of white-water rafting begin to ‘sink’ in!

Warming-up in Cool Waters

After splitting into separate groups of three rafts, we all did a few laps of the course before undertaking a manoeuvre to remain in a single rapid. Numerous people (including myself) had the privileged shock of falling head-deep into the water at this point!

Warm-ups for Managing Director, Gary Nissim – also known as the paddle-jedi in higher circles.

Some people took this better than others though, and casually swam to safety. Completely unphased!


After a thrilling day on the rapids, getting thrown around and getting soaked it was time for food and some well-deserved drinks!

…Then onto food & drinks.

Ultimately, everyone loved the day and enthusiastically rose to the challenge of the crushing rapids. Some loved the water so much that they had enough of the raft and preferred directly diving in! Me? Not really.

After all the fun the rapids had to offer, we were all treated to food at the stadium café before catching the coach back to Surry Hills. I’m sure most people had a long nap at this point! From there – we enjoyed some well-deserved drinks and delicious Jamaican food, at Rosie Campbell’s. But before calling it a night, the brave stayed on for some more cocktails and extra drinks!

Being just my second week at Indago meant that I had the chance hang out with the team outside the office and had so much fun. Everyone was friendly, fun and welcoming which made for an amazing day!

For some more content on Indago’s outdoor feats, read up on our Go-Karting races. Or perhaps you’re more of a laid-back, whale-watcher? Follow us on LinkedIn today to find out more about the Indago Digital team.

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