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Digital Marketing Jobs in Sydney

The Mission

To make our client’s lives easier, helping them achieve their KPI’s whilst expanding their knowledge and skills

We’re always looking for good talent and the right people. Because of this, we have no issue in creating new opportunities for the right person. If you’re hungry, not literally, analytical and willing to get your hands dirty then please get in contact by hitting the button below:


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25 days holiday per year and 5 half Fridays in Summer

10% of all company profit shared to employees through company bonus scheme

Earn money and days off through our employee incentive scheme

Comprehensive employee training scheme we’ve sent people all over the world to conferences

Work on a maximum of 4 medium to enterprise clients

Awesome quarterly social events

Our Beliefs



Willing to go to the end of the earth for each other and a righteous cause

<h4>Han Solo</h4>

Han Solo

Encourage each other to take risks and have fun in the process



Ruthless in the pursuit of the truth and being an individual

The Indago Culture

For Indago’s 4th birthday, the team took on the wrath of the ocean with whale watching. Our excitement jumped up a few notches when hearing over the CB radio from a fellow jet boat driver that the whales were putting on “a display of the season”.

Employee Reviews

What They Say About Us

Are you one of those job-seekers who lives in his underground Dexter’s laboratory (which we envy by the way), and was oblivious to Glassdoor until now? Glassdoor is an excellent way for applicants to gauge what a role with any company there would be like. Employees (old and new) can post a review to a company profile, recommending the workplace or talking the ultimate smack. We’ve seen it all.

So, you can see where things can go bad.

We’re however, very proud of our Glassdoor rating. We genuinely believe that for any business to succeed, making sure that staff leave the door smiling is priority número uno. And it’s great to see the tangible return on that with ex and current Indago-ers’ appreciations.

Take a look for yourself. We’re not afraid to brag.

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